Alan Tudge, the Aston action man

Originally posted on UniPollWatch (June 6, 2016)

Alan Tudge is known for his active involvement in community affairs, with the charter to improve the lifestyle and safety of Aston constituents.

Mr Tudge, who has held the Liberal seat of Aston since 2010, is an ambitious politician who is highly educated. He has degrees in law and arts from Melbourne University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Prior to his political career Mr Tudge, 45, was an active businessman who worked for several years with the Boston Consulting Group in Australia, Malaysia and New York, and ran his own advisory business.

In his maiden speech in Australian Parliament, Mr Tudge acknowledged that it was important to spend time supporting small businesses, as he found it crucial to maintain a healthy community environment.

“I want not only to be a great representative for the individual families and businesses in my electorate but also to make a national contribution to keep our society open and free,” Mr Tudge said.

One of Mr Tudge’s top priorities is reducing the incidents of crime within the electorate to keep the residents safe.

A key election commitment was to improve public safety, with mobile security cameras provided to Knox Police, Mountain Gate, and Wantirna Mall.

“With crime rates rising, they (the community) want community safety to be treated as a top priority by government, with more police on the streets and security cameras in local hotspots,” said Mr Tudge on his federal website.

Mr Tudge has worked with community traders in a bid to reduce criminal offences, including burglary, crime and graffiti. Scorseby Village shopping centre has recently benefitted from new lights to improve its safety.

“The new lights are absolutely necessary to help provide a safer community for shoppers and traders at Scoresby Village,” Mr Tudge said.

With growing ice use in Knox, Mr Tudge has been holding forums for residents, so they can offer feedback and discuss new campaigns, such as the Dob in a Dealer program.

“Without dealers there would be no ice problem,” Mr Tudge said.

“Dealers are destroying lives and deserved to be punished severely.”

The member for Aston has been a strong advocate for increasing local rehabilitation avenues, starting a petition that holds more than 230 responses to assist those suffering from ice addiction.

Mr Tudge, who spent several years as the deputy director of Noel Persons Cape York Institute, is also enthusiastic about education for young people.

“We should aim to achieve increased mainstream school attendance levels within this term of parliament … enforcing attendance laws, linking welfare to school attendance and funding case managers to support parents taking responsibility,” said Mr Tudge in parliament.

With a very safe margin, that was increased at the last election, it seems inevitable that Alan Tudge will retain his seat.

Written by Celeste Marinelli, Yu-Chieh (Jade) Huang, Katy Chamoun, Rima Marchsm, Yuhan Yang


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