Under The Wire takes over Monash University’s Caulfield Campus

Originally posted on The AU Review – Arts (October 13, 2016)

Over three nights, Melbourne’s Monash University’s Caulfield campus was set to be the framework of a new art project, Under The Wire, from October 13-15.

Part of the Melbourne Festival program, Under The Wire took advantage of the collision of architectural style and undergoing construction, providing an unorthodox display.

“The project in a way was off-the-grid because a lot of the material wasn’t destined to end up in traditional film,” said James Hewison, curator and Head of Film Programs at ACMI.

“What art and this project is able to do, is give it freedom.”

The event featured works from Super 8mm filmmaker, Rick Charnoski; Australian documentary filmmaker, Amiel Courtin-Wilson; and New York-based filmmaker, Bill Morrison.

Charnoski had two of his works featured, both of which had yet to reach an audience despite the attempt.

“I had these films, but nowhere to play them. We tried Cannes, Rotterdam, and Melbourne film festival… all three said no,” said Mr Charnoski.

“The right place for it to be shown is in a place like this. A public projection, as part of an art piece.”

Sound played over the projections, both curated and composed by Australian Art Orchestras Peter Knight and James Savage.

The event was structured to give audiences a new experience that would otherwise fall short in a typical gallery style.

“I wanted to break out of the orthodoxy, I wanted a series of opportunities for audiences to determine their own rhythm and their own path,” said Mr Hewison.

“There’s a voyeuristic quality to the work… that is why I wanted people to map their own course through each of the sites.”

Under The Wire was a free event that took over the stairwells and byways of Caulfield Campus’ MADA and MUMA Precinct.





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