The 10th annual Sydney Underground Film Festival unleases massive program

Originally posted on The Iris (August 12, 2016)

Sydney’s biggest showcase of cult and alternative films, the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF), is back for its 10th year with a lineup of over 100 daring, experimental and controversial films.

The festival will run over four big days, with screenings to include various Australian premieres alongside a collection of retrospective screenings, and special masterclasses.

Unique auteur and provocateur, Todd Solondz will open SUFF with his newest feature, Weiner-Dog for its Australian premiere: a cutthroat comedy reflecting the human condition with quiet, yet absurd observations about life and death.

Solondz’s work will introduce an impressive line up of interesting and often unusual films, including the Australian premier of Aaaaaaaah!, a post-apocalyptic and British comedy imagining humans who act, think and communicate like monkeys; documentary Hooligan Sparrow, showing human rights activist, Ye Haiyan’s journey to seek justice against elementary school principle who abused six girls; and Antibirth, featuring Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is The New Black) who wakes up after a wild night of partying with strange reality-altering visions.

To celebrate their 10th year, SUFF will include a session of shorts, SUFF Blast from the Past 2007-2015, that will take a look at the collection of the most memorable and shocking shorts previewed at the festival over the past 10 years.

SUFF’s closing night film will be the screening of Multiple Maniacs, a 1970s classic by John Waters, showcasing Lady Devine’s Cavalcade of Perversion – a travelling freakshow to exhibit of various perversions and obscenities.

“Indeed the pressure is on when you come up to your 10th birthday, however we think we have put together a killer program and it’s no word of a lie when we say that we have put together something for everyone.,” said festival director, Stefan Popescu.


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